US Smartphone Users 2012

As we know, there are hundreds of millions of smartphones already sold, and there are hundreds of thousands of new smartphone subscribers every single day. While the numbers looks humongous, it is miniscule as compared to the dumbphones.


Because there are over 5 Billion user that are still not yet upgraded to smartphones, and that means a great deal to the mobile market. The conventional mobile phones (Dumbphones) basically outnumbered the smartphones at least 5 times and with just one fith of the population the mobile market is bursting with apps. Just imagine the smartphone population going up to 2 Billion worldwide…

Email Enabled Smartphones

Tapping into the mobile boom right now is your best timing ever! Never in history has marketing been easy for small enterprises and individuals, but as mobile phone technologies are developed, building apps and managing a business with apps is easy.

One of the reasons why mobile apps is so easy to create is because all you need is a good idea, and resources to outsource it. As of now, the demand for mobile apps has never been higher and this is due to the fact that tablets, ipads and smart mobile phones are on the rise.

If you have a great idea, you too can create your own apps.

More Smartphones Equals More Demand For Smarter Apps!

Imagine the rest of the conventional phones will soon convert to smart phones, that would be huge. Although the current smart phone population is only one fifth of the entire world’s mobile phone users but it is soon to be a number to be converted. This is huge market potential, there is no time that is better then now!

The Mobile Movement Has Created More Highly Profitable Markets Then Any Other!

In the next few years down the road, every single person on the planet would have a cell phone, it will be like connecting the entire world to the mobile network. People from schools, offices, hospitals, clinics will be using smart mobile devices to do all sorts of things, buying , surfing the web, playing games and it goes on with unlimited possibilities! Think about what you can create for this market? Wouldn’t it be silly not to ride along the wave?

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