MakeMeMobile Mobile Apps And Website DevelopersThe modern world is highly digitalized, with nearly everything you need offered to you at the tap of a button. As of today, technology has highly simplified most of our daily operations both in our home and businesses. One area which has witnessed massive changes is mobile technology. People globally prefer to go online and get what they need instead of moving around stores. This has made businesses to realize the importance of creating an online mobile presence using. The question is – what do you gain from having designing a mobile website for your business?

What are the benefits of designing a mobile website?

Accessible anywhere

A mobile website can be viewed by a customer anytime and anyplace where there is network coverage. This makes it convenient for customers who are always on the move to browse through what you are offering and make a purchase.
Attract new customers, retain existing ones
As a business, you need to make customers aware of your information through a platform that is readily accessible. A well designed mobile website provides your buyers and potential customers a way to know about your business. When a customer is able to access your website easily from any location, you are able to increase traffic to your site and therefore increase revenue gained from increased sales.

Make a good first impression

A business has only one chance to impress a customer. This makes it vital for you to carefully design the site. A great website which has been optimized will easily impress visitors who will easily translate into buyers.

Cross-platform compatibility

There are hundreds of mobile devices used in the world today which utilize different platforms. These websites are compatible with various devices that a customer is using. Whether mobile phones or tablets, your website will be accessed on each model.

Full web experience

When you come up with a mobile website, you don’t have to think that the information provided will not be adequate. A fully optimized website will be able to display all the information to your visitors quickly and easily. You can go ahead and come up with a web store to sell items online. Buyers can buy products securely from the site. A mobile website provides the same functionality like a normal website.

What do you consider when designing a business mobile website?

When designing a website to do mobile marketing, you have to know that the screen size is small and the resolution low as compared to normal desktop and laptop screens.

Different smartphones are operated in various ways. The mobile website you come up with needs to be user friendly and able to be used with the capabilities on the models. If a phone comes with capacitative touchscreen functionality, then your website needs to be used in such a situation. Consider the font size and screen orientation (landscape and portrait) when designing the website.

For the website to be useful, it needs have proper navigation and quality content. A visitor needs to know easily which button leads to the next page and relevant content (text and pictures).

It is estimated that nearly half the American public will access websites via mobile phones by the year 2015. This represents an incredible opportunity for a business to attract new customers as well as retain the existing ones.

A Guest Post Contributed By Des Barry from MakeMeMobi.

Des Barry is a Mobile Apps Developer @, his company specialize in helping small businesses to bring their business online via mobile apps and websites. Makememobi Mobile App Developers are also verified with the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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