US Smartphone Users 2012

As we know, there are hundreds of millions of smartphones already sold, and there are hundreds of thousands of new smartphone subscribers every single day. While the numbers looks humongous, it is miniscule as compared to the dumbphones.


Because there are over 5 Billion user that are still not yet upgraded to smartphones, and that means a great deal to the mobile market. The conventional mobile phones (Dumbphones) basically outnumbered the smartphones at least 5 times and with just one fith of the population the mobile market is bursting with apps. Just imagine the smartphone population going up to 2 Billion worldwide…

Email Enabled Smartphones

Tapping into the mobile boom right now is your best timing ever! Never in history has marketing been easy for small enterprises and individuals, but as mobile phone technologies are developed, building apps and managing a business with apps is easy.

One of the reasons why mobile apps is so easy to create is because all you need is a good idea, and resources to outsource it. As of now, the demand for mobile apps has never been higher and this is due to the fact that tablets, ipads and smart mobile phones are on the rise.

If you have a great idea, you too can create your own apps.

More Smartphones Equals More Demand For Smarter Apps!

Imagine the rest of the conventional phones will soon convert to smart phones, that would be huge. Although the current smart phone population is only one fifth of the entire world’s mobile phone users but it is soon to be a number to be converted. This is huge market potential, there is no time that is better then now!

The Mobile Movement Has Created More Highly Profitable Markets Then Any Other!

In the next few years down the road, every single person on the planet would have a cell phone, it will be like connecting the entire world to the mobile network. People from schools, offices, hospitals, clinics will be using smart mobile devices to do all sorts of things, buying , surfing the web, playing games and it goes on with unlimited possibilities! Think about what you can create for this market? Wouldn’t it be silly not to ride along the wave?

Mobile Purchase Decisions

Consumers trust their mobile phones and it is a device that never leave you more then an arm’s length, imagine your business having further reach to your customers with simple apps or mobile websites. Combining the rapid growth with Social Media, the mobile device has proved to be a powerful way to get more eyeballs. A mobile user is more likely to tell a friend what she saw and make a purchase decision or scanning a quick response code and shares what she likes on facebook.

Shopping With Mobile

By all indications, mobile traffic and m-commerce made impressive gains during the holiday season as a growing number of people turned their handsets into personal shopping assistants. New research from the Pew American & Internet Life Project further highlights that trend, showing that more than half (52%) of adult cell phone owners used their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions.

Specifically, 38% used their phone to call a friend for advice while in a store, 24% looked up product reviews online in-store, and one-quarter checked pricing online to see if they could get a better deal elsewhere.

Furthermore, one in five “mobile price-matchers” made their most recent purchase from an online store rather than a physical location. More than one-third (37%) decided not to buy the product at all, 35% bought it at that store and 8% got it at another store.

That last finding should not do much to diminish retailers’ fears that shoppers are increasingly using their brick-and-mortar outlets as showrooms for subsequent purchases at an online or offline competitor.

Breaking down the demographics of in-store mobile use, the Pew study found that cell owners ages 18-49 are much more likely to use their phones for online product reviews than cell owners ages 50+. The youngest segment of adults — 18- to-29-year-olds — were the most active group, with 63% using their phones either to call a friend for purchase advice or to look up product reviews in-store.

As with other kinds of mobile behavior, ethnic minorities outpace whites when it comes to in-store mobile use. More than half (53%) of nonwhites called a friend for advice or looked up product reviews via mobile while shopping compared to 45% of whites. The difference between the two groups was especially pronounced when it came to looking up reviews — with a third of non-whites doing this versus 21% of whites.

Urban and suburban cell owners were about twice as likely as rural cell owners to have recently used their phone to look up online reviews of a product they found in a physical store.

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Smartphone Analytics December 2011

Facebook Mobile Revenue Grows Exponentially

The fingers are all pointing towards Mobile lately, and true enough mobile technologies is going to change how people get connected. The aspects of Mobile and Social Media is huge.

Facebook Mobile Revenue

Facebook Mobile Revenue

Read More – Facebook mobile revenue grows faster than expected

Mobile may be at times overlooked, but the mobile business is growing exponentially and people today are transitioning to mobile apps faster then before.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Access For Just $7

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No this is not a scam… As insane as it may sound, this is totally true! You can gain access to Mobile Monopoly 2 for just a measly $7, however there are a few things you need to do in order to get it at this price.

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The Training Area is where you should start, there’s a ton of valuable materials you can find here. I am literally blown away by the way Adam is presenting this in the course. Many of the things taught in Mobile Monopoly 2 are very new, in fact you may not have even heard of the resources that are going to show you inside the members area.

First let’s take a look at the inventory.

Inside the the Quick Start Area, you will get a whole series of videos. Don’t worry they are short and you can watch them and go implement on your mobile campaigns as you go.

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You can watch the introduction video or skip if for later, but just in case you want to know more about Adam you can watch it first.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Instagram

Next, if you are not yet a Instagram user, you got to watch this video. Instagram is the next big thing in Social Media, this company was sold for a Billion dollars to Facebook for a very good reason. You can very quickly monetize the traffic you get from Instagram for all your mobile campaigns. Best of all, it’s free!

Mobile Monopoly 2 Training Instagram

Now, you may have heard of the viral aspects of Instagram, but do you know that you can also monetize it? There’s a ton of traffic on Instagram and it is almost like a smaller version of Facebook but its all about images people like and share on the internet. Great way to make money. Must watch this video!

Mobile Monopoly 2 Training CPA

I think probably most people are still getting use to Instagram and not knowing how to monetize it with CPA programs, this video will show you exactly that!

Mobile Monopoly 2 Training Join Peerfly

Before you can start doing any CPA marketing, you first need to join a CPA Network, this video shows you how to join the network and walking you through the sign up process.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Training Pick This Offer

Once you get approved by Peerfly, you can start promoting their CPA offers, this video shows you what offers to choose and how you can convert them in to commissions.

Wooo there’s still more…

Mobile Monopoly 2 Trainings

There’s more below, keep scrolling… and we are just at the first tab, that’s what I call value Wow!

Mobile Monopoly 2 Trainings

As you can see you are given way more then what you pay, and this is good. You’ll learn a ton of things here and many more new ideas too!

We are not done yet, because there’s even more trainings deep inside the course. This shows you why Mobile Monopoly 2 is 2 years in the making and it is jam packed with valuable content.

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The Mobile Revolution Is Now! A New Era For Mobile Technology!

Mobile Monopoly 2 Review Infograpic

A humble fruit stands at the pinnacle of technological innovation in consumer electronics and computer software.

It’s an Apple.

Apple Computers and Smartphones - mobile monopoly 2 reviewer

THE One and Only Apple.

Founded in 1976 by the legendary Steve Jobs (RIP)and two more visionaries Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple has held the title of ‘Industry Pioneer’ firmly for over three decades now, and its position remains unshakeable today.

But we’re not here to harp about Apple’s market share, we shall leave that to the statisticians and word spinners.
This little chapter is dedicated wholly to Apple’s latest offering to the world of mobile phones… The eagerly awaited and highly anticipated iPhone 5. Not only does the Iphone 5 technology set it apart from the rest of the competition, its visual appeal is unmatched, with a sleek new lightweight design that’s simply breathtaking!

What makes this phone so special?

A lot of things, in fact.
Here’s a breakdown of the Iphone 5 technology and specs, to help understand this modern marvel of engineering.

iPhone 5 - mobile monopoly 2 reviewer

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Mobile Websites For Business

Image By:

Are you looking for a different approach that will help you get more users to your company website? Do you want to reach more potential clients in real time? Are you sick and tired of spending thousands of dollars of marketing techniques that just don’t work? If you’re looking for a new and innovative marketing scheme, then it’s time that you start developing your business’ or brands mobile presence. With mobile marketing becoming one of the fastest ways to get your message out to the public, you can’t afford not to get on the bandwagon. Here are just a few easy tips that can help you get started.

Create your mobile website

If you want your website to reach more people on their mobile devices, then you need to mobilize your website. A lot of local businesses out there have already started capitalizing on the mobile versions of their websites by offering special deals for mobile users. Lure your customers in with free items when they access your site thru their mobile devices.

Troubleshoot on different devices

Once you get your mobile website off the ground, you need to make sure that it looks right on all mobile devices. Users are more fickle these days. They will easily ignore websites that aren’t properly working on their devices. Check online for mobile website emulators so that you can see how your business website will look on different mobile devices.

Send out newsletters for mobile users

Another great way to reach out to your potential clientele is by sending out newsletters specially developed for them. Pick out an email service provider that can render newsletters and emails for mobiles. This way, you won’t be losing customers over poorly rendered emails. You can also reformat your newsletters into mobile apps for easy downloading.

Run a contest specially designed for mobile devices

Since consumers love joining contests and promos, you can run a contest specifically directed towards customers who access your website through their mobile phones. Create mobile apps that will not only grab their attention, but will also engage them to your brand. Run a contest that requires users to complete the last step through their mobiles to drive more traffic to your company website.

Create a viral email campaign

Lastly, don’t forget to embed your brand’s QR code into viral email campaigns. This will not only allow clients to access your site easily but it will also allow your mobile presence to grow exponentially. To get more people interested in your brand, be sure to offer them something valuable for their time, like a discount coupon when they forward the email to their contacts list.

With mobile marketing becoming the fastest and most convenient means to get to a wider audience, you need to get started on developing your mobile presence before everyone else. It’s a powerful advertising tool that will get your brand to a large number of people at real time so if you think your local business needs a big boost in marketing, mobile marketing might just be the method you’ve been waiting for.

My Vegas Business is a business of its kind! As from the info from the creators this is a turn key business that allows you to start an online business fast.

Run Your Business From Any Device!


MyVegasBusiness from Any Device

myvegasbusiness launch

Yes, I know we’ve heard of many turn key businesses in the past but this is unlike any you’ve seen! My Vegas Business is a business model that allows you to sell products with customer management, customer support and a dedicated sales team.

Now… what does that mean?

As we know, Vegas is the place for nightlife, casinos, hotels and restaurants, I think you’ll start to get the idea why Adam Horwitz is involved in this launch. He’s the master of mobile and local marketing, and this time together with Winter V, MyVegasBusiness will open it mega launch on Febuary 12th 2013.

The products are included! Las Vegas hotels, nightclub packages, restaurants and shows are purchased from over 40 million tourists from around the world every year. Business owners can now own a piece of the action for just $97.

Is It Awesome???

Take a look at one of their turn key business website for Young And Boss.  You can also take a look at Demo over here!

If you are interested to join them as an affiliate, you can also take a look at their offers here!

There is definitely much more that meets the eye, therefore it shall be reviewed!

My Vegas Business Review

MakeMeMobile Mobile Apps And Website DevelopersThe modern world is highly digitalized, with nearly everything you need offered to you at the tap of a button. As of today, technology has highly simplified most of our daily operations both in our home and businesses. One area which has witnessed massive changes is mobile technology. People globally prefer to go online and get what they need instead of moving around stores. This has made businesses to realize the importance of creating an online mobile presence using. The question is – what do you gain from having designing a mobile website for your business?

What are the benefits of designing a mobile website?

Accessible anywhere

A mobile website can be viewed by a customer anytime and anyplace where there is network coverage. This makes it convenient for customers who are always on the move to browse through what you are offering and make a purchase.
Attract new customers, retain existing ones
As a business, you need to make customers aware of your information through a platform that is readily accessible. A well designed mobile website provides your buyers and potential customers a way to know about your business. When a customer is able to access your website easily from any location, you are able to increase traffic to your site and therefore increase revenue gained from increased sales.

Make a good first impression

A business has only one chance to impress a customer. This makes it vital for you to carefully design the site. A great website which has been optimized will easily impress visitors who will easily translate into buyers.

Cross-platform compatibility

There are hundreds of mobile devices used in the world today which utilize different platforms. These websites are compatible with various devices that a customer is using. Whether mobile phones or tablets, your website will be accessed on each model.

Full web experience

When you come up with a mobile website, you don’t have to think that the information provided will not be adequate. A fully optimized website will be able to display all the information to your visitors quickly and easily. You can go ahead and come up with a web store to sell items online. Buyers can buy products securely from the site. A mobile website provides the same functionality like a normal website. Read the rest of this entry

Samsung Innovating With New Wave Of Creative Phones

The videos speaks for itself, so enjoy!

Take a Mobile Monopoly 2 Tour?




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